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Funeral Etiquette

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The time following the loss of a loved one can be very confusing. You may not be sure what to do or say. It is natural to feel this way.

Not only is it good funeral etiquette but it is common courtesy and caring to call on the bereaved to offer sympathy and help. The first thing you will need to do on hearing the news that a friend or relative has died is to extend your sympathy and offer assistance in whatever way you can.

Express your Sympathy

Simple, brief expressions of sympathy are usually best. Commiserate with the family and tell them you are sorry for their loss.

Sending flowers is a usual custom. Whether they be for a grave or for the family home they are a touching gesture. On some occasions the family may request that donations are made to a particular charity, hospital or hospice.

Sympathy may also be expressed to the family by means of a sympathy or mass card. This is appreciated as many people find it difficult to accept phone calls immediately after the news of the death.

Other gestures include phone calls, memorial gifts and food for the family

Typical expressions of condolences at funerals include sayings such as You're so sorry to hear this sad news, the deceased will be sorely missed by friends and colleagues, how much you loved this person and how bereaved you feel and you know how much the deceased loved and cared for the people who are left behind.

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